My Word for 2016

We are officially through the first month of 2016 and it may seem like an unusual time to talk about goals but I thought what the heck. After Christmas I had a week off of work and Michael was working so I took some time to really stop and think about what I wanted to accomplish this year.

First of all I don’t really like resolutions. They just seem so unattainable and don’t lay out clear steps to being successful. I am sure many of you have heard of Ali Edwards One Little Word. This approach I like. This approach makes sense. Pick a word. Create some goals around that word. Break it down. Make it realistic. A little scary. But make it something that actually has a clear game plan.

And so I picked the word GROW.

This is definitely going to be a year of growth whether I work at it or not. This is the year I am becoming a mother. That will require growth and stretching.

But besides that I have a list of ways that I want to grow my business and leadership. This year I want to push myself to grow my reach, influence, and leadership. And so….here are my goals for 2016.

  1. $12,000 profit for Of the Town. Of the Town is not my full time job. It is my side hustle. This goal is very big and scary for me because it is triple of what I made through it last year. Hard. Scary. But not impossible.
  2. 500 unique page views on my blog per month.
  3. 42 Etsy sales. Again double what last year was like.
  4. Sell wholesale at 2 stores. This one I am excited about. Ottawa (especially the area where I live) actually has a great handmade and small business scene and I am excited to get my stuff out their more.
  5. 600 Instagram followers.
  6. Read 20 books this year. This one is specifically for leadership. I heard it said recently that all great leaders read a lot. And if you don’t like reading you just have to get over it. I want to be a great leader. So I guess this is pretty obvious.

All of these goals are intimidating to me. All of them make me slightly nervous to put out there on the internet. All of them might seem silly to you guys but they are important to me. And they will require me to grow and be intentional in order to achieve them.

I am excited for the rest of this year. For growth. For stretching. For getting comfortable being uncomfortable. My wor is simple but not easy. My word is grow.

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