Merry Christmas! Ha I know its wayyy out of season but a couple of weekends ago we went to Montreal with the Adema’s as our (belated) Christmas gifts. Basically it was just a lot of wandering and family time but that is the perfect way to spend time in Montreal.

ott_montreal_buildings ott_montreal_capuccino ott_montreal_carnival ott_montreal_ferris_wheelott_montreal_church ott_montreal_grafitti_alley

Michael found this super random hallway while we were getting coffee. Covered in graffiti and other cool paintings of batman and stormtroopers.


The view from our hotel window. We stayed right off of St. Catherine Street. Aka perfect location.

ott_montreal_latte ott_montreal_michael

Isn’t he handsome!!


I have seen the outside of the Notre Dame Basilica a couple of times but I had never been inside and WOW, it is GORGEOUS. I have been in pretty churches before but this was breathtaking to walk into. And now I sort of want to go to Europe and see all the churches.

ott_montreal_notre_dame_basillica_inside ott_montreal_notre_dame_basillica_organott_montreal_notre_dame_basillica ott_montreal_old_montreal_streets ott_montreal_salad ott_montreal_selfie

Montreal is one of my favourite places to visit and I am already planning a trip back in the summer to explore some more.


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