Life Lately



Life right now is very full. But also very exciting. This month two new baby boys were born into our lives on the same day! Absolutely the best day ever! We are still very busy with work and doing awesome things at church. Take a peek at whats been happening…

We found out we are having a little GIRL! We had a fun little reveal party for family and friends at a little coffee shop across the road from our house called A Thing for Chocolate. If you are in Wellington West area you definitely have to check it out. Omar, the owner, is the sweetest man and makes the best hot chocolate (and ice cream in the summer) I have ever had!


We took our Junior High kids to an Ottawa 67’s game. As you can see only the boys showed up so I was a little outnumbered but it was still really fun!


I made only a few to many pancakes for Michael and I. Never double the recipe when you haven’t made it before!

IMG_1109 IMG_1110

We are having a terrible winter if you are an outdoor winter activities fan. We went to Winterlude the other night and while it was still pretty cool most of the sculptures had already melted and fallen over even though they were only a couple of days old.


We crammed way to many people into our tiny apartment for a very fun Super Bowl party. I think the most Super Bowl we actually watched was the half time show. The rest of the time we played video games.


A sweet friend spoiled us on a video shoot with latte’s and cookies even though we were totally invading her space.


We played card games on the floor with some rad people.


And baby girl has made her presence very known recently with lots of little kicks and by popping out a lot in the last week. We are so excited to meet her.


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