Lessons from a Baby

In the past almost 6 months (!!) since Evee has been born I have been amazed over and over again by how much God loves me! Last night was a particularly tough one where my poor girl was up every hour screaming. Not cute whimpering. SCREAMING!

The logical response would be frustration, stress, anger, the feeling of wanting to stick her in a box in the closet so you could get some sleep… and I am not going to lie I definitely asked her why should would not stop screaming at me and felt at least flickers of all those emotions BUT the overwhelming response was love. Why are you hurting baby? Why can’t you rest?

Now you may say, your a Momma. That should be your natural reaction. To nurture, to love, to comfort.

And yes, you are absolutely right BUT is that not also true of God. God is called our Father. He takes on the roll of nurturer, comforter, and the one who LOVES us. And if I in my humanity can love so big how much more does my Father love me.

When Evee is teething and uncomfortable I love her. How much more does my Father love me when I am in an uncomfortable, stretching season?

When Evee is frustrated and upset I love her. How much more does my Father love me when I am frustrated and upset?

When Evee is happy, learning new things, smiling and laughing at the world I love her. How much more does my Father love me?

It is truly beautiful and amazing and it is giving me all the feels this morning! He really is a good, good Father.


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