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Of the Town Water Tracker Printable

Of the Town Water Tracker

Of the Town Water Tracker

I drink a lot of water. I have to. For some reason or another my family needs to consume more water than the average person or we get headaches and feel gross. And those days are not fun. Add that to being pregnant, when you need to drink even more water, and it can soon start feeling like I need to drink a small lake of water every day. That is a very daunting thought.

Enter the water intake tracking stickers. I am highly motivated by checklists. They help me stay on track. So as motivation for myself and as a way to make sure that I am actually drinking the small lake that I need, I created these cute little stickers to add into my planner. 10 little circles for 10 cups of water each day. Drinking a minimum of that amount and I am usually doing good.

Since it is the season of making resolutions for the New Year I thought I would share them here with you guys. Whether you are starting a journey to be healthier or you too are feeling a little intimidated by the amount of water you need to drink these are a great tool for you. You can download them by clicking here.

I hope these will help you to a more hydrated you!

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