Grateful no.1

One of the items on my 18 before 2018 list is to write a list of 1,000 things that I am thankful for. I thought I would share it with you once a month to keep myself accountable. So here goes…

  1. babies blowing raspberries
  2. fuzzy purple socks
  3. successful design ideas
  4. long naps
  5. Evee eating food for the first time
  6. uninterrupted sleep
  7. leaves by my door
  8. homemade delicious food
  9. walks even in the cold
  10. heat in my house
  11. flowers
  12. random inspiration
  13. Mike, Becky, Eli
  14. Evee’s laugh
  15. Christmas music
  16. warm sheets
  17. Proverbs 31
  18. a bold pastor
  19. Ottawa, my beautiful city
  20. a rich heritage
  21. coffee, even if its reheated
  22. empty boxes
  23. her arm poking through the crib
  24. post nap smiles
  25. nap time
  26. when she wakes up from her nap
  27. Evee
  28. for my amazing body that can make a new human…like what?!!
  29. computer programs working
  30. the smell of the poop clear coat
  31. the feel of the finished product
  32. the way she cuddles
  33. Christmas trees
  34. the smell of Christmas trees
  35. when she snores
  36. clementines
  37. clean water
  38. God’s love sweeping the nation
  39. inspiration for new products
  40. dryer balls
  41. thrift stores
  42. peace about money
  43. God’s favour
  44. when she raises her hand during worship
  45. how girly she is already
  46. when the junior high kids jump during worship
  47. information that will help me improve
  48. inspiration
  49. found books
  50. new soup recipes
  51. finding new tools
  52. game nights
  53. family time together
  54. her saying ‘baba’
  55. her reaching her little arms up to me
  56. new beginnings
  57. shelves finally hung
  58. watching her attempt new skills
  59. that feeling you get while chatting with a friend you haven’t seen in a while
  60. the just woke up from a nap wiggle and smile
  61. watching her trying so hard to crawl
  62. family playtime on the floor
  63. new extension services
  64. how she LOVES the Gilmor Girls theme song
  65. shiny metallic pleated skirts
  66. creative challenges
  67. my sweet girl turning 7 months old
  68. how her forearm is fatter than her upper arm
  69. sink baths
  70. stacks of printed photos
  71. rewatching loved shows
  72. team night team hangs
  73. joking around with my team
  74. tickle fights


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