Family Day

Family Day

Monday was Family Day and Michael and I were planning a quiet day at home cleaning and getting ready for the week. Until we were on our way to Costco and saw a sign for Montreal. And we decided to skip Costco and keep going on a little road trip. We spent a couple of hours wandering and sipping delicious coffee in a cute, teeny little cafe before having a delicious meal at a little Italian restaurant.

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Look at me busting out of that coat with my belly. Baby girl is making her presence very known these past couple of weeks.


Isn’t he the handsomest?!

20160215_181619 20160215_184726_HDR

If you are in Montreal you should check out this little place. The owner was a little old Italian man who cooked, served, cleaned, and did everything that needed to be done. The food was delicious and cheap…we ate a full meal and desert for $34. Amazing!

It was a spontaneous, fun, and restful afternoon in a beautiful city. Exactly what we both needed.


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