Evee’s First Wedding and Other Adventures

Evee’s First Wedding and Other Adventures

I’m sitting here in the car on the way home from a full extended weekend. The long miles of the 401 are probably the perfect place to write blog posts and update my Etsy page (to bad my data plan doesn’t agree with me on that one).  

This weekend was Evee’s first ever wedding and she was probably the second most ooed over person, after the bride of course. I mean just look at that tiny little party dress and try not to swoon. It is so cool experiencing all the first with her and introducing her to people for the first time. All the feels…

After the wedding we headed to my parents house for a few days to catch up with family. Road trips are a little stressful on all of us but Evee did great and we had lots of good quality time with family. Camp fires, photo shoots, trips to the market, and lots of cuddles were all in order. We got to hang out with my Great Grandma and Evee’s Great Great Grandma again which is always super special and that picture up there is going to be a very special one in the years to come. 

It’s so hard to believe September is tomorrow and we are heading full speed into fall. This month is going to be very full with the Etsy Made in Canada show, an amazing leadership seminar, and packing for a possible move!!! More on that later…



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