Evee Love .02

Evee Love,

The past six months have simply flown by. One minute you were a tiny newborn and the next you are almost sitting by yourself and are saying ‘ba ba ba’ like a pro. It feels like I have know you forever. Like you have always been a part of our family. You fit in so well.

You, my dear, are a delight and a joy to everyone you meet! Your dad and I have talked many times about how you always seem to know who needs a smile or extra loving and focus on them. I love that about you!

You are a funny little person. EVERYTHING goes it to your mouth to be sucked on. Everything, that is, except for the spoonful of food that I so desperately want you to eat. You simply are not interested in that. You are so smart. Its funny and extremely frustrated.

You are sweet. You have the cutest smile that you readily share with everyone you meet. We cannot go anywhere without being stopped and you being cooed over. You love other kids. You love to watch them and they can make you laugh harder than I can. It’s the best.

You are loud! From the day you were born you have had a big, strong voice. Maybe you know that you are surrounded by boys and will need to be tough and stand up for yourself. Or maybe you will use your big voice for big things in the future and you are just practising being heard and having an opinion. Whatever you are doing I love that you have a big voice.

I am so excited to watch as you grow and grow. To watch you explore the world. To watch you meet people and brighten their day. To watch you discover and learn new tastes, smells, and sounds. I am so excited that I get to be there beside you for every moment of it. Because that’s where I will always be. Whenever you need me I will be there.

I am so proud of you! I am so proud to be your mama! The past 6 months have been the longest and the shortest and above all else they have been the best.

I will love you forever,



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