Evee Love .01

Evee Love .01

Evee Love,

You’re a little over one month old. It’s been such a blur of a month. We have been lost in a world of sweet baby breath, snuggles, and poop. You are the best thing that has happened to us and we love you so much. We have learned so much about you, we have grown so much already and we are so excited to discover you.

Your name means ‘full of life’ and you my sweet girl are for sure full of life. One minute you are sleeping sweetly and the next you are screaming like the world will end if you are not fed a minute ago. It’s both funny and frustrating. When you were in the hospital for jaundice the nurses kept exclaiming how loud you were for such a tiny little girl. You have a big voice baby girl and I hope that you never let anything silence that voice or weaken that passion. I hope you always stand up for what you believe in and use that loud voice and big passion to love, encourage, inspire, and fight for people.

Your second name is Love and your Dad and I have been so in awe of both the love we feel for you and the love that we feel from other people for our family. You were born into a big family, both your actual blood family and the many, many people we do life with on a regular basis, and it is a beautiful thing to watch them love on you and be so excited to meet you. I am so thankful that you are born into such a culture of love. I am so thankful that you get to grow up in this culture that will cheer you on and celebrate you for being you. You are so loved baby girl. You are going to soar and I cannot wait to be by your side the whole way.

Evee, you are the best thing to happen to us. We are enthralled with you. Every bit of you. Your eyes, your tiny mullet, your smooshy lips. The way you sleep, the way you fart and wake yourself up, your tiny smiles that are becoming intentional. You make us crazy in the best way. Thank you for being patient with us. We are so honoured to be your parents. We cannot wait to see what is ahead for you. We love you through and through.

Love, Mama


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