I first dipped my toe into the world of essential oils when I started learning how many chemicals and other gross things were in items I used every day. As a young mom I was horrified that products I had thought were safe to use on my kids were in fact not!

I slowly started looking for more natural ways to support my family's wellbeing and keep my home clean. My mom had been using oils for a while and encouraged me to give them a try and the rest is history.

I am not and never will be against 'conventional' medicine or doctors but I do believe as mothers we have a responsibility to care for our families well. We have the ability to naturally support little bodies to get well using things like essential oils and home remedies before seeking outside help but maybe lack the confidence to try it out.

And thats where I come in...I am going to help you get essential oils into your home and point you towards some amazing resources to set you off on a path of discovering how you can take care of your family well. Trust me, the first time you use and oil to support a symptom like an ear ache or sore tummy and it WORKS you are going to be so excited and feel so empowered.

Welcome to the Famoily!

Let's Get Oils Into Your Home!

These are the best bundles for you to get started! Whether you want to jump in headfirst, want a few of my favourite options to use with your kids or are looking to swap out your everyday cleaning products there is something for you!

Send me a message and we can work together to find the right oils for you!

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Humanitarian Impact 

dōTERRA has an incredible foundation called Healing Hands that partners with communities (many the same communities where our farmers live) and organizations to help increase access to healthcare, education, sanitation and to fight against sex trafficking.


The essential oil industry does not have any regulations to ensure purity so dōTERRA created their own standard. Every single bottle of oil undergoes rigourous testing in-house and using third party testing to ensure that each bottle is 100% pure and the quality is consistent. 


dōTERRA partners with farmers and small farms all around the world to grow and produce essential oils where the plants grow indigenously. This results in the highest quality of essential oils for us as consumers and the opportunity to grow a thriving business and build family legacy as producers. This is one of my favourite things about dōTERRA and a main reason why I chose to partner with them.

Why dōTERRA?

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. You are responsible for your family and the way you take care of them! Let's get to it!

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