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Whew. We are literally 3 days into 2019 and so many incredible, answer-to-prayers things have happened. While I am not quite ready to say what they are, I must say that this year is shaping up to be a very exciting and big year for our family.

I like to start each year by setting goals (shocking right!) and picking a word for the year. It’s so interesting to me how each year the word defines my year or teaches me something important.

For 2017, my word was abundance and man, did I learn a lot about what abundance means and what a scarcity mindset looks like. Let’s just say it was a tough year where I learned A LOT about myself. ( I want to write more about this year and how impactful it was for me but it is all still percolating in my heart)

For 2018, I picked the phrase in the shadow of heaven and my intention with it was to press into what God was saying to me about my purpose, calling, and I guess just what He was saying in general. Throughout the course of the year, He taught me so much about what I am called to do and how past experiences have all been leading and preparing me to step out and make some bold decisions. The biggest, most standout, of the things spoken to my heart was to actually take the plunge to start a business with my friend Sarah (we had been talking about it for over a year and it was just time). Other things include whispers of future promises and endeavours as well as calling to simplify and let go of some things that I am currently responsible for in order to make way for new growth and a better ability to nurture and grow the things that are in my hands.

Those realizations and whispers lead me to my 2019 word… Cultivate. The past couple of years have really solidified in me how I want to live my life (and what I don’t want to do anymore) and what is truly important. This year I am really feeling a calling to simplify and to have a greater impact in a few areas instead of trying to do all. the. things.

The definition of the word cultivate is to foster the growth of or to improve by labour, care, or study. Beautiful words that have become my overarching goal for this year. To cultivate my family, my home, my personal relationship with Jesus, my businesses. And though cultivating is a beautiful sounding word it, in practice, is a roll up your sleeves and get dirty action that involves uprooting and digging up in order to prepare a healthy environment to flourish. It involves breaking through hard, cracked ground, removing weeds and rocks and sweating it out in order to make sure that what is about to be planted (or has already been planted) has the best environment to grow tall and strong.

Gah, I am feeling a bit sweaty just thinking about what that might mean for this year. BUT I am so excited to dig in and make good progress that I know will have impact that way bigger than just me. I am excited to see how cultivating my family and home will help them to bloom and grow this year. I am excited to see how cultivating my personal relationship with Jesus will impact all areas of my life and capacity. I am excited to see how cultivating my business will affect the lives of many small business owners and even the whole economy and culture of business in Ottawa (and beyond!)

It’s not going to be a small year but I am so excited to step into a more simple, focused year.

What about you? Do you pick a word for your year? I would love to know what it is and why you chose it!


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