Celebrating Our Family

Celebrating Our Family

About a month and a half ago Michael and I had a very fun maternity shoot with our friend Kayla. We wanted very casual and NON stereotypical photos that captured who we are and what our life looks like right now as we get ready for our beautiful baby girl. I am so thrilled with how they turned out. Coffee, hanging out at home, and Suzy Q donuts…sounds like our perfect Saturday. I hope you guys love them as much as we do.

Adema-Maternity-ShootDSC_6104 Adema-Maternity-ShootDSC_6110 Adema-Maternity-ShootDSC_6120 Adema-Maternity-ShootDSC_6153 Adema-Maternity-ShootDSC_6166  Adema-Maternity-ShootDSC_6191 Adema-Maternity-ShootDSC_6196 Adema-Maternity-ShootDSC_6209 Adema-Maternity-ShootDSC_6223 Adema-Maternity-ShootDSC_6243 Adema-Maternity-ShootDSC_6253 Adema-Maternity-ShootDSC_6291 Adema-Maternity-ShootDSC_6327 Adema-Maternity-ShootDSC_6336 Adema-Maternity-ShootDSC_6376 Adema-Maternity-ShootDSC_6446

If you are in the Ottawa area and are looking for a photographer I HIGHLY recommend Kayla. She makes you feel so relaxed and natural and as you can tell the photos are amazing!

— Sarah


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