Hey There!

I am a Sarah Adema. I'm a  graphic designer and small business owner living in the great white north (aka Canada!). I obsessed with coffee, Instagram, and most importantly my young daughter.


I get it!


I've been running my home goods business, Of The Town, (I make poop emoji coasters...they are hilarious and you should totally check them out!) for almost 5 years and I realize that I am very lucky to be a graphic designer! I get it. Cash flow is always tight BUT you still want the best design for your packaging and business cards. 


That's where I can help.


I want to support you in whatever design way I can. Need new business cards? Need a delivery card to include in the packages you are mailing out? Want help setting up a contract file? I am so excited to help you with all those things!


So let's talk!


Send me a quick message using the form below and I will be in contact shortly!