52 Self Portraits (no.1)

52 Self Portraits (no.1)

I have come to realize that I have an amazing DSLR camera that mostly just sits on my shelf collecting dust. How sad is that! So this year I have decided to challenge myself and grow my photography skills and actually use that darn camera.

What does that mean?

Well, first off I am going to challenge myself to take a self portrait of myself once a week every week of 2016. It doesn’t have to be the classic, duck lip pose of my face but must include some part of my body in every photo.

Secondly, I want to post room tours of my apartment. Chances are we aren’t going to be living here for that much longer with the baby coming in June but I really want good photos to remember this place by.

Thirdly, I have no idea. The sky is the limit really. I will come up with a few more ways to challenge myself with my camera this year and will keep you posted as they come up.

You can follow along with my portrait challenge by using the hashtag #ott52selfies

No.1 : Recently I have discovered that my passion is creating stuff with my hands. While, I do love designing stuff on the computer, I prefer to design stuff that I can then see come alive in the form of a physical item.

PS. The poop emoji coasters should be in my Etsy shop soon. I will keep you posted.


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